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Named patient import

Individual import pursuant to § 73 III German Drug Law (AMG)

Sometimes, physicians prescribe pharmaceuticals that are not approved in Germany. In these cases, pharmacies may import it (individual import pursuant to § 73 III AMG). For more than 60 years, Ortscheit has been a trusted partner of German pharmacists for the individual import of pharmaceuticals.

Decades of experience

With our comprehensive service, we are one of the pioneers in this section in Germany and have gained extensive experience. And such expertise is required to find the respective pharmaceutical abroad, identify a qualified supplier, negotiate the price, handle customs formalities, and ship the product safely.

Reliable partners

We have established long-term business relationships – some of them even for decades – with many foreign pharmaceutical wholesalers, logistics providers, and customs authorities and know how to overcome all kinds of difficulties that might arise during the process.

Fast delivery

From your order until the delivery at the pharmacy it usually only takes four to seven workdays. Sometimes, we deliver even faster.

Price guarantee - a special feature of Ortscheit

Our focus is not only on a rapid and reliable delivery, but also on a favorable price.

Therefore, we promise: If you furnish proof that another supplier could have delivered the pharmaceutical at a lower end price, we will refund the difference.


Import in case of supply shortages

Even in modern, well-organized pharmaceutical markets like the German market, supply shortages can occur occasionally. This is partly due to the fact that the number of suppliers of active substances and finished pharmaceutical products tends to decrease. The Federal Institute for Drugs and Medical Devices (BfArM) set up a specific website for this purpose.

Thanks to our decades of local market knowledge and careful research, we are able to find most of the original pharmaceuticals in foreign markets or identify a viable alternative which we can deliver to you immediately (or very soon).

Please let us know in case you need a scarce product. Through our extensive network we should be able to quickly procure it.

Feel free to send us an inquiry without any obligation for you.