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The import of pharmaceuticals from all over the world and export around the world is not only our daily business, but our passion and vocation.

Our quality is based on decades of experiences in pharmaceutical markets on all continents and the tremendous confidence our customers have in our expertise. 

We capture every customer request very thoroughly and research our databases and networks until we have found the respective pharmaceutical.

For the benefit of our customers, we negotiate the best possible price – and our suppliers know that we can be pretty tough. If necessary, we will look for another supplier with better conditions. For our customers, this means excellent prices.

In many countries, we collaborate with logistics partners, many of whom we have known for years. In countries where we don’t have such a valuable partner, we will lookout for a logistics company we can trust and carefully review the offer before placing an order. Thus, we can be pretty sure that the goods will be carefully protected during transport and will arrive in Germany quickly.


Our claim is that you can fully and always rely on the quality of the products we deliver. Ensuring the quality of these products throughout the whole supply chain – from manufacturer to consumer –  form the basis of our daily work.


One division of our company is the individual import of pharmaceuticals (§ 73 III AMG), although the export of pharmaceuticals has gained greater importance in the past years. Lucien Ortscheit GmbH procures pharmaceuticals from Germany, the EU, as well as third countries and exports them to hospitals, pharmaceutical wholesalers, and other authorized recipients in numerous countries. Pharmaceutical companies requiring reference and study medication for clinical trials represent a major customer base.

However, we don’t package, transfer, or label pharmaceuticals.

Wholesale trade authorization, GDP certificate, Authorized Economic Operator

Our wholesale trade authorization pursuant to § 52a AMG was issued by the Saarland Ministry of Health (Ministry of Social Affairs, Health, Women and Family) on 8 February 2008 and renewed in June 2020. Usually every five years, the Ministry of Health reviews all GDP-relevant aspects.

Our quality management system was last reviewed and approved by the Saarland Ministry of Health in June 2020. A GDP certificate was issued on 7 July 2020 which is valid for five years and we were listed in the Eudra-GMDP database.

Moreover, we are certified as “Authorized Economic Operator” (AEO) of the European Union for “customs simplification/security” (AEO-F).


We at Lucien Ortscheit GmbH deal with all kinds of pharmaceuticals, such as cytostatics, antibiotics, hormones, vaccines, blood products, and veterinary pharmaceuticals – even temperature-sensitive products.
Cytostatics are packed and unpacked at designated workstations that are subject to specific safety requirements. They are stored separately and temperature-sensitive products are kept in a separate refrigerator.


Economic Operators´ Registration and Identification

Authorised European Operator

Good Distribution Practice (GDP)

D&B D-U-N-S® Registered ™


Lucien Ortscheit GmbH was founded in the 1950s in Saarbrücken by the French merchant Lucien Ortscheit. He came from a French family of pharmacists and had the idea to market and distribute French pharmaceuticals, supplements, and medical devices in Germany. Over the years, he became more and more successful.

In 1979, he changed his business form from a registered sole trader (e. K.) into a GmbH (limited liability company in Germany).

In the years when the company started its import business, many foreigners who lived in Germany couldn’t buy “their” pharmaceuticals in Germany, as these were not approved and thus not available here. Although individual imports for certain patients (today § 73 III AMG) were already possible for German pharmacists at the time, these imports were associated with major customs and logistics-related problems. With his experiences in the import business, Lucien Ortscheit was able to provide valuable support and advice and thus became a pioneer of individual imports.

In 2002, Kerstin and Kurt Kloos took over the company and have led it successfully since then.

As the business volume increased from year to year, the building in the Ursulinenstraße in Saarbrücken soon became too small so that the company moved to larger premises in the Stromstraße in 2008 in where it is still located today.

Today, Lucien Ortscheit GmbH is one of the leading German exporters of unlicensed medicines worldwide.